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Seniors Workbook

This workbook has been created to aid people such as you determine their options regarding Real Estate. I consider it a work in progress, as new options, issues, and solutions to problems continue to evolve. My experience with my family, and many clients throughout my career, has shown me there is a need to simplify the […]

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Tips for downsizing

1) Make a list of the items, including furniture, which you will need in your new home. 2) Decide which things you will no longer need, and make another list. 3) Itemize everything not on either list, and evaluate. 4) Decide which items to sell, donate, recycle, or discard. 5) Begin thinning out items that […]

helpful information for seniors Seniors

Other considerations

Before beginning to search for your new home Do I have any large furniture or items that I will be taking? (Measure) If applicable, are pets allowed, and if so are there restrictions? Listing the professional, medical and business services you need to be close to. Proximity to friends and family.

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